Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tornadoes upstage fireworks in Michigan

The story I was expecting to write about today was another variation on Detroit fireworks show continues for yet another year.  It turns out nature had other plans, as WXYZ reported Detroit fireworks start time moved up one hour because of the approaching storm.

The start time for the Detroit fireworks has been moved up one hour because of incoming weather.
The show went on, as Detroit demands its entertainment, but the weather was worse than expected.  Follow over the jump for details.

As of 3 AM, two confirmed and three suspected tornadoes had touched down in the state, as WXYZ reported overnight in Multiple tornadoes touch down across Michigan.

The next report added another tornado to the list, as WXYZ showed Severe storms & tornadoes cause massive damage across Michigan.

Severe storms and tornadoes caused massive damage across the state overnight and early this morning.
Not only were there tornadoes and severe winds, the storm caused floods that echoed last August's billion dollar trash day.  Climate change expressed as increased precipitation in Michigan continues.

Both WXYZ and WOOD-TV have more coverage of the storms.  Check back tonight to see if I post it.

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