Friday, June 5, 2015

Road funding bill passes Michigan House committee

I updated my readers on one of the topics from Michigan transportation news from WXYZ in WXYZ follows up on public transit.  Now it's time to examine the latest in the other subject from that entry, road funding.  Both WOOD-TV and WXYZ posted videos on the story earlier this week and both display the strengths and weaknesses of each station's style of coverage.

WOOD-TV was heavy on analysis in the studio and interviews of lawmakers in House committee OKs state road funding package.

A legislative committee has approved a Republican-sponsored package that would shift hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for roads.
WXYZ had a lot more location shots, both file footage and man-on-the-street interviews, in State house committee approves new road funding plan.

The second video is a lot more lively, even if it isn't as informative or thoughtful as the first.  On the other hand, the first video didn't feature the voice of the people or highlight the problem using appropriate file footage.  As I wrote, both stations have their strengths and weaknesses.  At least WXYZ wasn't behind the curve on this story, the way they can be when it comes to gas prices.

As for the story itself, this news reminds me that two entries about Proposal 1 made the top ten for the entries posted during May, Proposal 1 lost: article, which was the tenth most viewed entry posted last month, and article on Proposal 1 polling, which came in seventh for page views among entries posted in May.  I'll have complete rankings later.  Stay tuned for them in the monthly meta, as well as updates on this story as they develop.

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