Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Driving update for December 2015: Pearl

Prius the Pearl's odometer currently reads 23,994 miles as the car sits in my driveway.  I'll drive more than that on my way into work, so it's time for a driving update for my car to go along with the one earlier this month for Dez.

Pearl rolled over 23,000 miles on Tuesday, October 20th, 57 days ago, so I've driven her an average of 17.54 miles/day and 535.09 miles/standard month during that time.  That's only slightly more than the 17.24 miles/day and 525.86 miles/standard month I drove her between August and October.  I attribute turning over the odometer a day earlier to a shopping trip to the Detroit Whole Foods.  That excursion was so much fun and the selection so good, my wife and I did it again in her car earlier this week, but that's a story for another day.  Otherwise, my driving was pretty much the same as the last reporting period.

Of course, the important stat is not how much I drive by myself, but how much my wife and I drive together.  Adding my miles to my wife's average of 16.67 miles/day and 508.33 miles/standard month for Dez yields a combined average of 34.21 miles/day and 1043.42 miles/month, well over August's 26.95 miles/day and 822.0 miles/month, which I'm using as the baseline for our driving in our more car-dependent neighborhood.  Good thing I'm bucking the trend of Americans buying less fuel-efficient cars even as my wife and I are following along with everyone else and driving more.

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