Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Feats of animal strength for Festivus

Happy Festivus!  Last year, I shared Dr. Evil airing his grievances for Festivus.  This year, I'm going with another tradition, feats of strength.  Enjoy Animal Planet's The Most Extreme - Strength.

Get pumped, because we're raising the bar on the strongest animals on the planet. Which animal will make it to the top spot? Will it be the gorilla that lifts the equivalent of two cars, or perhaps the bird that can carry four times its own weight?
Looks like next year I'll be doing something with the aluminum pole.  A drum corps Festivus, perhaps?  I wouldn't put it past me.

ETA: The video is now unavailable.  That didn't take long at all!  Found another copy, just in time for Festivus 2016. ETA 2: The replacement was taken down, too. I had to find a second replacement video for Festivus 2018 after I linked to this entry in Feats of animal strength for a Blue Norther on Festivus. At least the SciShow video is likely to stay up.

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