Thursday, December 31, 2015 article on MSU science stories of 2015

MSU's top science stories in 2015 ranged from the global to the individual and comprised research and outreach in medicine, materials science, physics, science education, and biodiversity.
Medical research, physics, and materials science top MSU science stories of 2015
When most people think of Michigan State University this time of year, it is about the Spartans playing Alabama's Crimson Tide in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day with the possibility of playing for the national championship afterwards.  But MSU has more to be proud of this year than football.  Michigan's Land Grant University produces a lot of research that yields practical results for residents of the Great Lakes State, the nation, and the world.

Following are the top ten science stores from MSU as chosen by Layne Cameron, Spartan Science Storyteller.  They comprise a diverse list ranging from human and animal medicine and materials science to biodiversity, physics, and science education. 

In addition to spanning a wide range of disciplines, the stories display the range of scales at which MSU research helps to improve the world.  The studies and results listed range from the global down to the local, even to the level of the individual student.
Details about each of the ten top stories at the link along with the slideshow Michigan State University's top science stories for 2015.  There is no video, but I could have included 2015 Year in Review - Michigan State University.

Take a look back at the top Michigan State University social media posts and comments of 2015.
I'll get around to posting a roundup of University of Michigan's top science stories--next year.  That's it for 2015!  I'll see my readers in 2016.

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