Thursday, December 10, 2015 article on Ben Carson's health care proposals

Ben Carson, seen here speaking in Washington D.C., talked about health care in Ypsilanti Wednesday.
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The doctor was in Washtenaw County as Ben Carson talked health care
Detroit native Dr. Ben Carson returned to his home state on Wednesday, December 9, making three stops in Washtenaw County.  He began his day by touring the University of Michigan Medical School.  Carson then attended a fund-raising luncheon in Ypsilanti.  He finished his day speaking at the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center for the “We the People Town Hall.”

As befitting one of the two doctors campaigning for the Republican nomination for President, the other being Rand Paul, Carson spoke about his ideas for health care.  Those include replacing the Affordable Care Act with what he called "Health Empowerment Accounts," overhauling Medicaid, and raising the age of eligiblity for Medicare to 70.

"We spend, in this country, twice as much per capita on health care than many other countries in the world, and we have terrible access problems. This is meant to really get rid of that. These empowerment accounts will be funded by the same dollars we use to fund everything today," Carson said to the town hall at EMU as quoted by MLive.
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