Sunday, March 26, 2017

WXYZ on Marche du Nain Rouge 2017

Today is the Marche du Nain Rouge.  WXYZ tells the story about the Nain Rouge and the march to pacify/expel him in this video.

This year, there will be more than one Nain Rouge at the parade.  In addition to the frightening character in the racing overalls who presided over last year's ceremonies, a more dapper one will be helping to promote a book.  WXYZ also has that story in Local author explores the coolest places in Detroit through the eyes of the Nain Rouge.

I wonder if the parade and banishing ceremony might have a (staged) fight over who is the real Nain Rouge.  Wouldn't that be entertaining?

WXYZ had more on the book, its author, and the Nain Rogue three months ago in New book highlights Detroit's hidden gems.

A new book on Detroit is unveiling the city's hidden gems from the perspective of the Nain Rouge.
That's it for today's entertainment entry.  Stay tuned for an entertainment-themed retrospective featuring the top entry of last year.  Here's a hint about tomorrow's subject.


  1. Le Marche du Nain Rouge sounds like a great time. Just saw this celebration that I thought you'd enjoy.

    1. From all accounts, it is a good time.

      As for Holi, I've been thinking about adding it to the holidays I celebrate here. Next year, thanks to you, I just might.