Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hollywood gets political at the 2017 Academy Awards

Two months ago, Hollywood got political at the Golden Globes.  That happened again last week, as ABC News reported Oscars 2017: Politics Take Center Stage.

Host Jimmy Kimmel live tweeted at President Trump while Iranian director of "The Salesman," Asghar Farhadi, delivered an acceptance speech read in his absence in protest of Trump's executive order on immigration.
ABC News included more of Farhadi's speech in Oscars 2017: Best acceptance speeches during the 89th annual Academy Awards, some of which made political and social statements unrelated to Trump.

Listen to Academy Award winners thank their cast, crew, friends and family during their acceptance speeches during the 89th annual Academy Awards.
Finally, here is the New York Times commercial that irked the Tweeter-in-Chief so much.

The New York Times has a new marketing campaign: “The truth is more important now than ever.”
Here's to the New York Times (and the rest of the news media) working hard to uncover the truth in a time when the truth is most needed.

I'll have more on the Oscar winners and losers later this week.  Stay tuned.


  1. I don't normally pay much attention to awards shows, but it looks like they put their massive audience to good use this time. The attention to Farhâdî is one more opportunity to show Americans that not all Iranians are as the Republican fear-mongering imagines them.

    The tweets from Trump and Huckabee show why the bad guys are at a disadvantage in this kind of clash. Their statements were grouchy, unimaginative, and humorless. People who do entertainment for a living will always be able to get the better of them.

    1. One of the strengths of Hollywood is that it recognizes talent regardless of origin. These days, that's tempered by marketability. Fortunately, diversity is very marketable today.

      As for Trump, he also used to do entertainment for a living, but he takes things too personally. That's one of his weaknesses.