Friday, March 3, 2017

More evolution in action among urban animals

Last month, I explored how Eastern Coyotes AKA Coywolves were evolving and becoming better adapted for urban life.  It turns out it's not just coyotes.  Newsy reports how coyotes and other animals evolve to live in cities.

Animals are evolving to live in cities. They can change their behavior and biology to thrive in a place meant for humans.
While I knew about how coyotes changed their behavior around people (the neighborhood in Los Angeles where I grew up had coyotes coming down out of the hills to hunt cats 50 years ago), I didn't know about how birds change the pitch of their songs or how city mice have larger brains than country mice -- city living makes animals smarter too!

Speaking of coyotes in urban settings, Fox 47 in Lansing passed along Coyote sightings rising in residential neighborhoods two days ago.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is offering new advice to help neighbors make their homes less appealing to coyotes as the number of coyote sightings in residential neighborhoods increases. Biology experts said coyotes are looking for food and residential neighborhoods can make that search easy. Put away your trash bins, bird feeders and pet food so coyotes are not attracted to them. Keep these kind of items away from your yard.
I learned something from both videos, making the time watching them well spent.  Any day I learn something is a good day and I hope its a good day for my readers, too.

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