Wednesday, April 26, 2017

CBC and Futurism report on the March for Science

I twice promised that "I'm planning on posting a first-hand account of tomorrow's March for Science in Ann Arbor sometime next week,", just like I did for the Women's March.  That will happen later this week.  Today, I bring reports on the big picture of the march from two of the sources I used last Saturday, CBC's The National and Futurism.  First, Futurism's The March for Science Spread A Clear Message: Science Is For All.

The March for Science was a huge success. Hundreds of thousands marched in 600+ cities. Here are the highlights!
That was very optimistic.  CBC's The National took a slightly darker view in Global March for Science raises concern over Trump policies.

Scientists and their supporters marched in hundreds of cities around the world Saturday, protesting against proposed U.S. government funding cuts to scientific research.
I'm pleasantly surprised to find that the role of science in uncovering the Flint Water Crisis was featured in the main march.  I barely recall that being mentioned in Ann Arbor.  On the other hand, both videos show all the creative and correctly spelled signs, which Ann Arbor's march had in abundance.  I'll be sure to mention those when I write about my experience last Saturday.  Stay tuned.

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