Monday, April 10, 2017

WOOD-TV on fake news shared on Twitter in Michigan during the election

I began the month by sharing a video from DNews/Seeker with my readers explaining why people fall for fake news.  Today, I'm offering last Thursday's clips from WOOD-TV about the prevalence of fake news on Twitter before last fall's election.  How prevalent?  This prevalent: Fake news accounted for 25 percent of shared campaign links.

A study by London's Oxford University shows that a big chunk of political stories shared out on Twitter before the election in Michigan was fake.
Here is the next segment: Oxford study: ‘Fake news’ flooded Michigan in November.

A study done at London’s Oxford University took a look at election-related posts on social media Goliath Twitter and found that a big chunk of campaign-related news shared in Michigan was of the fake news variety.
Good lord.  As the Seattle Times headline read two weeks ago, "The information war is real, and we’re losing it."

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