Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trump's border wall is an environmental disaster, too

I've written about Trump's proposal to build a border wall with Mexico, most notably when I made fun of the idea in Trump is coming and he's building a wall.  As both the end of his Administration's first 100 days and the deadline to pass either a budget or a continuing resolution coincide this week, it looks like his administration is insisting on making that particular campaign promise happen.  CNN reports Shutdown deadline nears, border wall looms.

Fights over money to pay for a border wall, as well as Obamacare subsidies, threaten to trip up congressional talks over a funding bill to head off a government shutdown. CNN's Jason Carroll reports.
In addition to all the other reasons why building a border wall is a bad idea, Seeker/DNews points out U.S./Mexico Border Wall Puts Animals In Danger Of Extinction.

A wall along the United States/Mexico border could seriously disrupt the natural habitats and movements of many animals species that live there.
That's just the video summary.  For more, read Vox's The ecological disaster that is Trump’s border wall: a visual guide.  It has more examples and details about those examples, including the graphic used to illustrate this post.

Fortunately, NBC News reports Trump Signals Willingness to Drop Border Wall Funding in Budget Standoff.  His administration will still want the wall, but at least it isn't as likely to shut down the government in a temper tantrum over not getting it now.


  1. It's looking like the chances of the wall being built are about the same as unicorns making a comeback.

    1. Well, there are unicorn frappucchinos at Starbucks, but you're right. They aren't real unicorns.

    2. I saw a story about those. Baristas are distinctly not happy happy joy joy about making them.

    3. So I've heard and read. Not only is it a lot of work, it's pretty sour. Honestly, the Unicorn Shots from Tipsy Bartender sound like they taste better and they have booze@