Friday, June 2, 2017

The Weather Channel tells off Trump for leaving climate agreement

I had other plans for today, but Trump announcing that the U.S. was leaving the Paris Climate Accord took precedence.*

The news caused all kinds of reaction, some of which I'll post tomorrow, but the one I found most worthy of immediate attention came from The Weather Channel.  TMZ summarized it in one paragraph and posted the screen capture image above.
The Weather Channel devoted nearly all of its website's home page Thursday to a not-so-subtle shot. This is what it looked like moments after the Prez ended his announcement at the White House -- and ALL its top stories are dedicated to making Trump's decision look like total foolery.
It didn't even wait until Trump announced.  It prepared a video on the rumors and posted it as U.S. Quits Paris Agreement: What Happens Now?

The results could be disastrous.

After Trump spoke, it followed up with To President Trump: Regardless of Politics, Science Screams The Truth.

Weather Channel meteorologist Kait Parker addresses the decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.
As TMZ wrote, "There's nothing lukewarm about this reaction."

*I'll post about "Wonder Woman" on Monday instead.  I predict the movie will gross at least $90 million dollars over the weekend.  Check back then to see if that prediction comes true.   As for National Donut Day, the climate is more important.


  1. Unfortunately I doubt Trump or his entourage of dingbats and sleazebags will be at all persuaded by scientific arguments -- if they haven't gotten it already, they never will. They're more likely to be persuaded by the point about the US falling behind in a major future industry, but Trump will have a hard time comprehending even that.

    1. Trump will have a hard time comprehending "the US falling behind in a major future industry" for the simple reason that, as my wife said yesterday, this entire action was a rejection of the future. Trump wants to go back to 1962, if not earlier, instead of looking forward to 2062, which the U.S. needs to do and which is closer to the present.

    2. A "rejection of the future" is an excellent way of putting it. Trump's core constituents, if not Trump himself, fear the future and want to return to a vanished world which can never be restored.

      I'll post about "Wonder Woman" on Monday instead.

      I'll be interested to read what you have to say. I just got back from seeing it and can well recommend it.

    3. "[A] vanished world which can never be restored" -- and the parts that could be restored, like the social hierarchy enforced by racism, sexism, and religious intolerance, shouldn't be.

      I mostly plan on posting about the opening weekend box office and embedding a video of the theme song. I might add parts of a few reviews.