Thursday, June 1, 2017

U.S. successfully tests ICBM interceptor to defend against North Korea

I've only featured North Korea and the responses to its actions in two posts, Dr. Evil airs his grievances for Festivus plus bonus cybersecurity news and North Korea tests fifth nuclear device.  It's time for a third look at its capabilities.

In addition to the Hermit Kingdom's cyberwarfare and nuclear weapons technology, the third member of the Axis of Evil also poses a threat through its missile program.  This week, the United States demonstrated its readiness to counter North Korea by testing an ICBM interceptor.  Newsy reports.

For the first time ever, the Defense Department has tested a ground-based missile system on an intercontinental ballistic missile.
That's not all.  TomoNewsUS has more details along with reports of other efforts to counter North Korea's missile program in US intercepts ICBM-class target in missile test in wake of North Korea threat.

VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, CALIFORNIA — The Pentagon successfully shot down an intercontinental ballistic missile target using its upgraded long-range interceptor missile in a missile test on Tuesday.

The ground-based defense interceptor was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California while the ICBM-class target was launched 4,200 miles away from Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

A ground-based defense system flies into the path of an incoming missile target before releasing an Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle. The kill vehicle destroys the target by sheer force of impact outside the earth’s atmosphere. CNN reported that the missile test is the first test of the interceptor using an upgraded Kill Vehicle.

“This system is vitally important to the defense of our homeland, and this test demonstrates that we have a capable, credible deterrent against a very real threat. I am incredibly proud of the warfighters who executed this test and who operate this system every day,” ABC News quoted Missile Defense Agency Director Vice Adm. Jim Syring as saying.

Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. are running high lately. North Korea has launched a series of missile tests recently, including a short-range ballistic missile that landed in the Sea of Japan on May 28.
Just as I did in Electron rocket launches in New Zealand, I'm finding TomoNewsUS's perspective useful in covering news.  It's not just for laughs anymore.

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