Tuesday, June 13, 2017

R.I.P. Adam West

Kevin Robbins of Hometown, USA asked "What? No post on Adam West?" to conclude his comment to 'Simpsons,' 'Westworld,' 'American Horror Story' among Golden Trailer winners. That was a good question that deserved a response.
I was thinking of posting an obituary for West; he was, after all, my original Batman. Now that you've asked, I'm going to do it. Never say I don't respond to reader requests.
I've found that ABC News does a good job with celebrity obituaries, so it's to them I go for Remembering 'Batman' TV icon Adam West.

The original Batman, who appeared onscreen as the caped crusader 156 times, passed away at age 88.
What's Adam West's Batman without Burt Ward's Robin?  CNN provided the Boy Wonder's perspective in 'Robin' on Adam West: I miss him dearly.

Burt Ward, who played "Robin" on "Batman," remembers his co-star, Adam West.
I have just the image for this video.

To paraphrase what I wrote at the end of R.I.P. Roger Moore, Batman lives on, but his funniest actor has passed.*  R.I.P.

*Yes, I'm including Michael Keaton.  He could have played a funnier Batman, but he didn't.


  1. Thanks. Great post. Loved the clips and especially the cartoon. What an incredible voice he had.

    1. You're welcome and thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I got a bonus. Hadn't seen the Roger Moore post. I can imagine the two of them working together now.

    1. I'm glad you found it. And, yes, both of them were charming performers who brought out the comedy in tough action characters.