Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Andrew: Student Sustainability Video Festival 75

The final installment of this series for now and the most popular video from a student talk presented during its semester is Hurricane Andrew.*

Hurricane Andrew Effects and real footage

Last Thursday was the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew making landfall in Florida.  Just for that, I'm adding this bonus clip from CBS Miami: Hurricane Andrew: A Look Back 25 Years Later.

Gary Nelson Reports

Hurricane Andrew continues to have effects today, including invasive Burmese Pythons.  I have a video that I show my students about them that I plan on posting here.  In the meantime, stay tuned for part II of When did speculative fiction go 'mainstream', which is already half-written, followed by more on the political nominees at the Primetime Emmy Awards.

*My wife and daughter survived Hurricane Andrew, although they weren't at any serious risk.  They were at Typhoon Lagoon, ironically enough, at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  They had to leave the water park, as the outer bands spawned severe thunderstorms.  My wife was more worried about her flight home.  Lucky for her and my daughter, they was able to fly out with no problem.


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