Wednesday, August 16, 2017

'Beauty and the Beast' the big winner at the Teen Choice Awards as speculative fiction dominates the movie categories

After teasing my readers multiple times, I'm finally getting around to the winners of the Teen Choice Awards.  Today, I'm writing about the movie winners, which, as Deadline Hollywood reports, were dominated by speculative fiction films.

The big winner was "Beauty and the Beast" with five awards, Choice Fantasy Film, Choice Fantasy Movie Actress for Emma Watson, Choice Movie Villain for Luke Evans, and Choice Movie Ship and Choice Liplock for Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.  This result actually yielded fewer awards than I expected the box office leader for 2017 to achieve, as I predicted a "Beauty and the Beast" sweep of all nominated categories, which would have given the live-action remake of the animated film seven awards.  The categories it lost were Choice Fantasy Movie Actor, which went to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson for his role in "Moana," and Choice Hissy Fit, earned by Madelaine Petsch of "Riverdale."  I did predict that The Rock would win a movie award, just not this one.  Still, I'm happy about it.  As for "Riverdale" upsetting "Beauty and the Beast," I'll have more about that when I write about the television awards.

Three of the surfboards for "Beauty and the Beast" were earned in whole or in part by Emma Watson, Choice Fantasy Movie Actress, Choice Movie Ship, and Choice Liplock.  She won a fourth for Choice Drama Actress in "The Circle."  I'm pretty sure that means she won more awards than any other film or TV performer.  Congratulations!  As for "The Circle," I ignored it other than noting that Watson was in it, but it turns out that it's a thriller set twenty minutes into the future, which means it also qualifies as a science fiction movie, which IMDB considers it to be.  That means that only three surfboards for movie categories went out to films that were not speculative ficion, Choice Drama to "Everything, Everything" (I called that), Choice Drama Movie Actor to Kian Lawley for "Before I Fall" (I missed that one), and Zak Efron for "Baywatch" (I thought the other nominee from "Baywatch" would win).  That's actually one fewer than I expected, as my weak prediction was for Amandla Stenberg to win for her role in "Everything, Everything" instead of Watson.  This is one case where I am happy to be wrong.

Follow over the jump for the rest of the movie awards, including Action, Sci-Fi, and Summer Movie.

"Wonder Woman" swept the Action categories, winning Choice Action Movie, Choice Action Movie Actor for Chris Pine, and Choice Action Movie Actress for Gal Gadot.  Finally, the movie is winning awards for itself instead of for its trailer.  This is what I was expecting and hoping would happen.  Unfortunately, it didn't also sweep the Summer Movie categories.  As I feared, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" swept those, winning Choice Summer Movie, Choice Summer Movie Actor for Tom Holland, and Choice Summer Movie Actress for Zendaya.  I campaigned against the movie winning the award because of its whitewashing of the source material, but not against the performers; what the scriptwriters did was not their fault.  In fact, Zendaya winning counted as a blow for diversity in my book, although not enough to balance out the sins of the writers and producers.  Speaking of her, here's Zendaya accepting her surfboard.

I'm glad to see Zendaya take her opportunity to make an acceptance speech seriously by trying to inspire her fans.

Gadot wasn't at the ceremony, but she did get her surfboard, as Choicey The Panda Presents Gal Gadot With The "Choice Movie Actress: Action" Award.

Choicey The Panda goes on a search for Gal Gadot to present her with the "Choice Movie Actress: Action" award during the Teen Choice Awards 2017.
This clip was posted only an hour ago, which means it was worth the wait to post about the awards.  I don't feel guilty about delaying any more.

Speaking of delaying, I've been holding off on the science fiction awards, all of which went to "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2."  The movie earned Choice Sci-Fi Movie, Chris Pratt won Choice Sci-Fi Movie Actor, and Zoe Saldana earned Choice Sci-Fi Movie Actress.  Chris Pratt showed up to accept his surfboard.

Chris Pratt accepts the "Choice Movie Actor: Sci-Fi" award during the Teen Choice Awards 2017.
That was a very standard acceptance speech.  The best part was seeing Millie Bobbie Brown off to the side near the end.

As for the rest of the awards, I called "Finding Dory" winning Choice Comedy Movie and Ellen Degeneres winning Choice Comedy Actress as the eponymous forgetful fish.  I did not call Auli’i Cravalho winning Choice Breakout Movie Star (I was expecting Tom Holland), but I was still pleased to see her joining The Rock as surprise winners for "Moana."  Both were wins for diversity and representation (both actors are part Polynesian).  Congratulations to both!

That's it for the movie nominations.  I'll get to the television winners this week, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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