Monday, August 21, 2017

Vox on the Great American Eclipse

I concluded Part I of When did speculative fiction go 'mainstream'? What the critics think with a program note about today.
Tomorrow is the Great American Eclipse.  I can't miss that!
I am suffering from an embarrassment of riches on this topic, as there are eleven videos on the YouTube channels I subscribe to from the past 24 hours alone.  I'm not going to pick any of them.  Instead, I'm embedding two from Vox, beginning with Why a total solar eclipse is such a big deal.

How solar and lunar eclipses work.
That's one of the better videos I've seen explaining eclipses and I've posted a lot of them over the years.

Vox expands on the emotional impact of eclipses in Tales from the shadow of the moon.

Eclipse chasers tell us what it's like to witness a total solar eclipse.
I found that very moving.  While it's not enough to make me drive eight hours each way to view totality today, it will be enough to make me drive an hour (and probably miss work) to see totality south of Toledo, Ohio in April 2024.  Chances are very good that I'll still be here for that.

As for my readers, enjoy the eclipse!

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