Saturday, August 19, 2017

Scaramucci gets his wish as Bannon departs the White House

I originally had the Woodward Dream Cruise as the subject of today's post.  In fact, "Dream Cruise 2017" was the working title of today's post on my schedule.*  I'm not feeling it, as there are far more important things going on than what I call "dopamine returned on gasoline invested."  I'll let Stephen Colbert set up one of them in Anthony Scaramucci Would Fire Steve Bannon.

Front-stabber Anthony Scaramucci believes Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon has his own motives.
Colbert: "Do you think Bannon will be out in a week?"  Scaramucci: "If it were up to me."  That's interesting.  Hold that thought, as Scaramucci had more to say in Anthony Scaramucci Doesn't Like Bannon's 'Toleration' Of White Supremacists.

Ex-White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci renounces elements within the White House he perceives as encouraging white supremacist ideology.
"Mooch" may be a bit of a douche, but he showed here that he has a good sense of humor and is, like Roger Stone, fun to be around.  As for Bannon being out by the end of the week, that happened as CNN reported yesterday Trump fires Steve Bannon.

President Trump has fired chief strategist Steve Bannon. Sources tell CNN that Bannon's exit had been in the works for two weeks. CNN's Joe Johns reports.
Good riddance for all the reasons mentioned in all three videos and then some.  I'm glad Scaramucci got his wish.  That written, I'm not done with Bannon, as he is guaranteed to be even more vocal at Breitbart and also plays a tangential role in an upcoming post.  Stay tuned.

*Maybe next year, when August might return to being a slow news month.


  1. Trump is about to find out what the expression "outside the tent pissing in" means.

    Maybe next year, when August might return to being a slow news month.

    Don't count on it. This administration generates drama at such a rate, we've got enough to last until next August already.

    This post could easily be mistaken for one of your SFTV ones, thanks to the picture at the top. Bannon looks like a zombie, and Scaramucci looks like one of those humanoid reptile aliens whose human make-up is starting to melt off.

    1. And Bannon will do a good job of pissing into the tent.

      Yes, there is enough drama already. There might be less with Pence, even though there will be policies to oppose in abundance.

      LOL! "The Walking Dead" vs. "V" -- that's an underexplored scenario. I looked up "zombies vs. reptilians" and didn't even find any fanfiction on the topic.