Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A belated World Population Day 2018

Once again, welcome to another late celebration of World Population Day because I was writing about U.S.-Cuba relations on National Mojito Day 2018 for July 11 instead.  One of these days, I will celebrate it on time, which means I might just return to posting two entries on the same day, something I haven't done since July 4, 2016.

All that is in the future.  For now, I begin with WION (World Is One News) reporting World Population Day aims to raise awareness about reproductive health.

World Population Day aims to raise awareness about reproductive health. The world currently has more than 7 billion people. World Population Day was first observed in 1989.
Based on the number of videos I found on YouTube, World Population Day is big in India.  This one was the one with best balanced the presentation of the facts with comprehensible English.

Next, The Economic Times explains World Population Day: Watch how population density affects us.

Every year since 1989, July 11 is celebrated as World Population Day. It seeks to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues. The theme for this year is 'Family Planning is a Human Right'. Here's a look at people in numbers around the world.
That's a very good presentation of the largest and smallest cities in the world, which I could have used yesterday when I lectured about megacities.

Finally, Mr. Cool Creations made an earnest if flawed attempt to inform its viewers in World Population Day 2018 Facts | Top 10 Countries Population.

World Population Day 2018 is celebrated on June 11th to raise the awareness of global overpopulation issues.

The world population day 2018 theme is "Family Planning is a Human Right"

The event was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.
The Top 10 Population Countries in The World 2018 are:
1. China 1,415,158,817 (1.41 Billion)
2. India 1,354,356,630 (1.35 Billion)
3. U.S.A. 326,813,937 (326 Million)
4. Indonesia 266,852,421 (266 Million)
5. Brazil 210,900,269 (210 Million)
6. Pakistan 200,891,968 (200 Million)
7. Nigeria 195,978,247 (195 Million)
8. Bangladesh 166,402,941(166 Million)
9. Russia 143,964,199 (143 Million)
10. Mexico 130,791,803 (130 Million)
I also could use the information in this video for my classes, although I won't show this video; it made the mistake of using a Japanese woman to represent China.  Oops.

That's it for World Population Day for this year.  Stay tuned for the installment about Payless Shoes that I promised in Radio Shack, a tale of the retail apocalypse from Company Man and Retail Archeology.

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