Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Company Man and WXYZ on KMart, a tale of the retail apocalypse

It was all the way back in April that I wrote Toys R Us closing down and Kmart may follow.  Since then, I posted a three-part series about it's sister store Sears and three more entries about the last days of Toys R Us, but I haven't followed up on KMart.  It's time to do that, with the first video by Company Man, in which he asks The Decline of Kmart...What Happened?

The future of Kmart doesn't look bright. This video tells how Kmart got where they are today, their current situation, and my predictions for the future of the company.
I can't resist including the entire segment from WXYZ on Original KMart store closing.  Detroit represent!

Shoppers share their thoughts after the announcement that the original KMart store in Garden City will close its doors.
After watching both of those videos, I'm amazed that KMart is still in business.  I will stick to the prediction I made back in April: "I suspect Kmart [will] follow Toys R Us into bankruptcy once the holiday shopping season is over and could be closed by the end of 2019, just when I'm predicting the U.S. to be in recession."  That goes for Sears, too, since they're the same company.

Retail Archeology has three videos about the last KMart in Phoenix, Arizona closing last year.  I'll save that for a future entry, after I post the video about JCPenney I promised in Payless Shoes, a tale of the Retail Apocalypse.  That will be next month, which begins in four hours.  I'll begin by observing Earth Overshoot Day on time.  Stay tuned.

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