Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Making paczki in Michigan for Fat Tuesday

Happy Paczki Day AKA Fat Tuesday!  To celebrate, I'm sharing two videos about making the Polish holiday treat from Michigan.

First, I present MLive's How to Make Paczki.

Fat Tuesday is almost here! Here's what goes into making the traditional Polish fried doughnuts - paczki.
MLive's video explains how commercial paczki are made.  WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids' Polish woman shares secret to perfect paczki shows how they are made at home.

Woman from West Michigan carries polish traditions on in the form of the sweet treat eaten on Fat Tuesday (Paczki Day).
Of course, most of us will buy our paczki.*  To help us, WXYZ shows the Best places to get paczki in metro Detroit.

We're looking at the best places to get paczki in metro Detroit.
That's it for the real Fat Tuesday for this year.  Consider this a belated apology for the false alarm last month.

*Unfortunately, I won't partake because of my diabetes.  Those of my readers in the Great Lakes states, enjoy my paczki that I would otherwise eat.


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    1. LOL. So did the paczki, but the fillings were what really sold me. My favorite is still lemon, but I can't have it any more.