Sunday, March 17, 2019

Food, drink, and dance for St. Patrick's Day in Detroit from WXYZ and Tipsy Bartender

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  For today's celebration, I am returning to posting drink recipes from Tipsy Bartender and combining it with last year's St. Patrick's Day food, drink, and dance from WXYZ.  This should come as no surprise, as I concluded that entry by writing "I might return to Tipsy Bartender next year."  It's next year, so I am doing what I promised.

I begin with the food, which comes from WXYZ presenting ideas from two guests on the channel's morning show.  First, Healthy St. Patrick's Day Treats prepared by a representative of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

St. Patrick's Day has more fattening fare than other holidays?  Wow!  In that case, I'm glad WXYZ is presenting healthy alternatives.

Now for more traditional food, even if some of it comes from England and Scotland in addition to Ireland, from O'Connor's Public House in Rochester, Michigan.

The guest chef mentioned Guinness, so follow over the jump for video from Tipsy Bartender about that quintessential Irish beer.

Instead of a recipe that includes Guinness, I'm sharing Skyy and Cecilia taking on The Guinness No Hands Chug Challenge!

THE GUINNESS NO HANDS CHUG CHALLENGE. It's freakin' hard! Watch as we try. Can you do it?
That was hilarious!

Now for an actual recipe from this year, Shamrock Shake.

The perfect milkshake for St. Patrick's Day!
At least Skyy knows his answer about the age of his grandma was tasteless, if true.

I return back to WXYZ for some Irish dancing in Motor City Irish Dance, which I featured last year.

Finally, I can't resist a parade, so here is Detroit St. Patrick's Parade.

That's it for St. Patrick's Day.  Stay tuned for something more serious tomorrow.

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