Wednesday, March 6, 2019

It's not just Flint that has problems with lead in drinking water — Verge Science

When I last wrote about the Flint Water Crisis, it was about the Michigan Attorney General's prosecutions.  Today, I'm updating an earlier entry, SciShow examines the science of the Flint Water Crisis.  Verge Science posted a video yesterday on the subject, We tested NYC water for lead and the results were confounding, which I'm sharing with my readers today.

Lead contamination got a lot of national attention because of the crisis in Flint, Michigan. But today, lead pipes are still tainting tap water across America. In this episode of “Trial & Error,” we explore how lead enters the water supply, how to test for it, and find out whether our own homes are at risk.
Since installing a filter is cheaper than an unreliable test, it's good news that ABC Television Stations reported Jaden Smith's foundation bringing clean water To Flint on Sunday.

Jaden Smith's foundation and a church are working to bring cleaner water to Flint, Michigan. The rapper's organization and First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church on Friday announced they'll deploy a mobile water filtration system known as "The Water Box" that reduces lead and other potential contaminants. The 20-year-old's JUST goods company collaborated with the church to design and engineer the system. He is the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.
Filters are a longer term solution than bottled water and better for the environment, too.  Still, the best solution would be to replace all the lead plumbing.  That's expensive and will take a while.

I'll have more on the Flint Water Crisis as it develops.  Stay tuned.

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