Sunday, April 21, 2019

More Tipsy Bartender drinks for Easter 2019

Happy Easter!  Since I first started observing Easter on this blog in 2015, I've been alternating between my two default holiday themes, drinks from Tipsy Bartender on odd-numbered years and drum corps on even-numbered years.*  Since this is an odd-numbered year, it's Tipsy Bartender.

I am sharing all three new Easter drink recipes posted last year in order, beginning with the Creme Egg Shot.

This fun layered shot is perfect for Easter.
The next drink I'm serving is the Peep Shot.

Celebrate Easter with these peep fun infused shots!
The final recipe returns full circle, the Creme Egg Cocktail.

This sweet and creamy cocktail is perfect for easter celebrations!
As Skyy used to say in all his recipes, enjoy responsibly!

That's it for Easter.  Stay tuned for a celebration of Earth Day.

*The 2015 entry has become very popular on Pinterest, being saved 47 times, most of them this calendar year, and brought in 68 page views to the blog just this past week.  I will be writing about it when it comes to that particular installment of the retrospective series for last year.

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