Tuesday, April 2, 2019

KCET wins a Cronkite Award for exposing gerrymandering in southern California

I wrote "I might have more about the Cronkite Award winners next month as well."  Today, I feature another award-winner.
KCET, Los Angeles, CA, part of the Public Media Group of Southern California, wins its second Cronkite for “Divide and Conquer,” an episode of the series SoCal Connected, which tackled the racist history of gerrymandering in Los Angeles and its current-day application in California’s Kern County. The jury said the program was “hugely engaging and riveting to watch — a surprising piece on an important topic.”
I was born and grew up in Los Angeles County and lived for a year in Bakersfield, half of that in East Bakersfield, and worked in McKittrick, both of which are in Kern County, so this story hits home for me.  It also shows that it's not only the usual suspects, such as Michigan, North Carolina, and Maryland, that have issues with gerrymandering and not just at the state level for state and national offices.  It happens at the local level as well.

Enough of my opinions.  Watch KCET, Los Angeles - SOCAL CONNECTED: DIVIDE & CONQUER.

I'll have more on the Cronkite Awards as well as on gerrymandering, as Michigan Supreme Court allows anti-gerrymandering proposal to remain on ballot was the 36th most read entry during the last blogging year, the 35th most read actually posted last year.  Stay tuned for a retrospective that updates it and explains how it got that ranking as well as more posts about the award winning television reports.

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