Saturday, April 27, 2019

6,000 stores have already announced they are closing in 2019, more than all of 2018, a tale of the Retail Apocalypse

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I found another video about the Retail Apocalypse when I looked for a video for Lampert and Mnuchin sued by Sears, a tale of the Retail Apocalypse, but it had nothing to do with Sears, "Fast Eddie Lamprey," or Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.  Instead, it was about the ongoing loss of stores and malls as a whole.  Watch CNBC's Retail concerns return as 6,000 stores announce they will close, more than all of last year.

Jan Kniffen, J Rogers Kniffen Worldwide, and CNBC's Lauren Hirsch discuss a new study from Coresight Research that has found nearly 6,000 stores have announced they were closing this year--that's higher than all of last year, and it's only April.
I stumbled across the Retail Apocalypse last year and it was a mild year for store closures?  Wow!  Maybe it was seeing Toys R Us close down and the near-loss of Kmart and Sears while realizing that Radio Shack was already gone that got my attention, but this year alone I've written about the closing down of Payless ShoeSource, Gymboree, and Charlotte Russe, all of which happened in February and March.  The year is yet young and many more stores and several chains could still go out of business.

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