Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Noah, Meyers, and 'Tooning Out The News' on removing Confederate symbols and renaming military bases

I shared both Michigan media responds to Supreme Court decision protecting LGBT people from job discrimination and I haven't seen this many statues fall since the end of the Cold War to the Coffee Party USA Facebook page last night. The one that is getting more traffic is the one about statues coming down. Considering that was a placeholder post that was basically quoting a tweet and bragging about the response I got, I'm amazed. I'm also a bit embarassed that's all the people who clicked on the link got, so I'm giving them what I think they deserve, an entry with more substance about the topic. Never say I don't respond to my readers!

I begin with The Daily (Social Distancing) Show with Trevor Noah's Confederate Symbols Are Coming Down.

Confederate monuments and flags are coming down as the nation reckons with its racial past, but Trump refuses to rename military bases named after Confederate figureheads.
That same night, Late Night with Seth Meyers covered much of the same territory in Trump Defends the Confederacy, Complains About Polls: A Closer Look.*

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump pinning his hopes of a political comeback on whining about polls and sticking up for the confederacy.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert even got in on it, featuring a clip from "Tooning Out The News," Ghosts of Confederate soldiers have new military base name ideas for Trump.

President Trump wants U.S. military base names to connote winning, so some ghosts of the Confederacy suggest a few actual winners.
Even the cartoon ghosts think Trump is on the wrong side of history.

I might have more on the topic of Confederate monuments and their role in rewriting history tomorrow. Stay tuned.

*Seth also covered Trump and his campaign whining about a CNN poll. FiveThirtyEight featured it in a segment about good or bad use of polling. They concluded it was a bad use of polling. I think it was a bad use of lawyers on Trump's campaign's part as well.

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