Friday, June 19, 2020

Drink to The Daily Show, Inside Edition, and all asking 'What is Juneteenth?'

Happy Juneteenth! I'm combining both silly and the serious takes on the holiday in this year's celebration of emancipation beginning with The Daily Show with Trevor Noah asking What is Juneteenth? Dulcé Sloan Explains.

Dulcé Sloan explains exactly what Juneteenth is, why it's celebrated, and how it should be commemorated.
Dulcé Sloan did a very good job of explaining the holiday while still making it funny. For something more serious, I'm sharing Inside Edition also asking What Is Juneteenth?

Why is June 19th known as Juneteenth? The answer is rooted in history. "Juneteenth is an African-American holiday that celebrates the emancipation of slaves in Texas in 1865," Scholar Lori Brooks told Dr. Brooks explained that when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Texas, it was June 18, "and the next day he announced the emancipation of African-American slaves." Dr. Brooks added that the holiday gained new interest in the 1960s, as part of the Poor People's Campaign.
Inside Edition does a good job with holidays, as I remarked in Happy Year of the Metal Rat!
After watching the video from Inside Edition I used in History Channel and Inside Edition explain Hanukkah, I'm more impressed with how they depict holidays. Inside Edition's interviewing people who celebrate the holidays they examine makes their reports not only more credible, but more informative and entertaining as well.
Inside Edition did the same in this video, making me glad I subscribed to their YouTube channel. managed to bridge the comedy of The Daily Show with the middle-brow earnestness of Inside Edition when it asked What is Juneteenth?

We look at where the holiday of Juneteenth came from and why it's still a mystery to so many people.
In addition to the history, the video brought up the idea of Juneteenth becoming a national holiday. I'll drink to that!

Because today is also National Martini Day, the drink I'm sharing is Tipsy Bartender's Caramel Appletini.

It's booze in an apple. The caramel appletini!

A toast to Juneteenth!

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