Friday, July 17, 2020

Samantha Bee on 'Mask Hysteria'

Since I just posted a serious take on the COVID-19 pandemic in yesterday's Coronavirus data to bypass CDC and go to HHS plus more pandemic news, it's time for a comedic one. For that, I'm turning to Samantha Bee, the basic cable John Oliver.* Watch The Dangerous Spread of Mask Hysteria Pt. 1

There’s no masking the heated culture war that has erupted in America. It’s tearing families, friends, and Trader Joe’s shoppers apart!
The monologue continues in The Dangerous Spread of Mask Hysteria Pt. 2.

Masks might be uncomfortable, unpleasant, and unattractive, but just like seatbelts, vaccines, and bras---they keep us (and our boobs) safe! So it’s time we all agreed to just grin underneath our mask and bear it!
In addition to this being a funny follow-up to Vox explains what face masks actually do against coronavirus, It's a good example of what I first wrote in Samantha Bee explains how to get away with election interference and repeated most recently in 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' explains voting by mail, "I learned more from seven minutes of reporting laced with comedy than I did in four clips of straight reporting I embedded in yesterday's post." Also, I approve of the mask her show is selling.

I have two cloth masks already, but I need another, I think I might buy one of these.

*When I went looking for these clips, I discovered that I wasn't yet subscribed to the show's YouTube channel. I remedied that oversight immediately!


  1. Thank goodness for Samantha Bee.

    These outbursts of insane rage about masks are bizarre. Maybe it's just me, but I sort of get the feeling the Trumpanzees, on some level, realize their frenzied fever of madness is finally going to have to break -- and they just can't stand the prospect of coming back down to mundane reality where the hated liberals end experts are right.

    1. I second what you wrote about Samantha Bee. As for the MAGA crowd being so anti-mask, maybe. I think they just drank the Kool-Aid of Trump being anti-mask and haven't changed their minds along with Trump appearing to.

  2. It's actually shameful about these mask wars. Georgia Governor sueing Atlanta for trying to make folks wear masks in public? ... unconstitutional? ... taking away freedom, etc? It's only temporary so far, same as you would have to wear one visiting a patient in a hospital that has a lung illness, at any time, not even during a pandemic. Or the folks that work in fields that have to wear them N95 masks .. a buddy of mine has to wear them all the time without a virus, to protect him from dust and asbestos, or whatever, because of the type of work he does. That one gal in the 2nd video speaking to an audience or council in Florida, started talking about demons and punisment or whatever ... she sounds like they did in the 1600s ... throwing demons, biblical talk or whatever into it. This is how f*cken backwards the United States actually is, a perfect example, and it's a herd f'n mentality. Actually, I look at the U.S. as a semi- puritanical society, and growing moreso by the year. Hey, PS/ Eddie ... Thanx for the vidz and read, guy

    1. Thanks and you're welcome for dropping by again, Ranch Chimp! I agree about Kemp suing Atlanta over the city's mask order. It's counterproductive and ostentatiously ignorant. As for the country being half-Puritan, well, what do you expect? The country's legend of its founding goes back to Plymouth Rock, not Jamestown, even though the Virginia colonies, including Roanoke, came first.