Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Stephen Colbert's live monologues of the first two nights of the Democratic Convention with assistance from FiveThirtyEight

It's time for me to turn my attention to the Democratic National Convention, which is taking place remotely this week. I'm going to compress my usual serious and silly coverage of a subject by alternating between the two in the same post. I begin the silly part with Stephen's LIVE Monologue Following Day 1 Of The Democratic National Convention.

Stephen Colbert comes to you LIVE from A Late Show's election HQ in Midtown Manhattan to break down the events of the DNC's first night. From the night's host Eva Longoria, to appearances by members of the GOP, to headline speeches by Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama, the first night of the DNC stuck closely to a theme: heavy criticism of President Trump's record.
I must say that Pete Buttigieg makes a good Spider-Man and Trump an appropriately villainous Thanos, whle John Kasich playing Groot serves well as an absurd punch line. As for a more serious breakdown of the first night of the convention, I'll outsource that to FiveThirtyEight for the serious part of my coverage.
  • Meena: The First Night Of The First Online DNC Was, Ummm, Well, Extremely 2020
  • Nathaniel: Democrats Convene For Sometimes-Awkward Virtual Convention
  • Julia: Democrats Emphasize Character And Unity
  • Amelia: Michelle Obama And The Postal Service Get All The Attention On The First Night Of The DNC
  • Seth: Democrats Emphasize Those Suffering in Trump’s America, Praise Biden’s Empathy
  • Kaleigh: Like Everything Else In 2020, DNC Had A Lot Of Talk About COVID And Awkward Zoom Moments
  • Geoffrey: Democrats Have Hit-Or-Miss Night Holding The First Virtual National Convention
  • Emily: DNC’s Online Convention Still In Beta
The Post Office didn't just receive a lot of attention at the first night of the convention. Colbert dedicated two segments of his Monday night show to the topic, which I might get to later.

Before I move on to Tuesday's proceedings, I'm sharing something I learned about Monday night's host Eva Longoria. She has a Masters Degree from California State University, Northridge (CSUN), just like I do. Her thesis was "Success STEMS From Diversity: The Value of Latinas in STEM Careers." Now that's a clever title and a topic I can support!

Now to last night's LIVE Monologue: Joe Got Confetti, Jill Biden Got A Nickname, And AOC Got One Minute On DNC Night 2 for the silly part of my post.

Stephen Colbert goes LIVE after night two of the Democratic National Convention, covering AOC's one-minute speech, the appearances by Bill Clinton and Jill Biden, and the enduring genetic legacy of the Kennedy clan.
"What does the F in Effing stand for" turned into a good running joke that led to a funny conclusion, which is more than I expected. Good work on short notice! Colbert also had a lot of fun with the roll call, which the live bloggers at FiveThirtyEight thought was the highlight of the evening.
  • Tony: Virtual Roll Call For The Win
  • Geoffrey: Democratic Roll Call Showcases America’s Diverse People And Places
  • Kaleigh: Democrats Accidentally Discover The Best Way To Do A Convention Roll Call
  • Meredith: 50 Nifty States (Plus Territories) On Display, Make Biden’s Nomination Official
  • Meena: New Mexico, Puerto Rico, North Dakota, Hawaii Win DNC’s Virtual Roll Call Vote
  • Seth: Democrats Highlight National Diversity, Rising Stars And Experienced Hands
  • Geoffrey: Democrats Look Ahead To The Future But Also To The Past On Night 2
  • Amelia: The DNC Started Night 2 With 17 Rising Stars, But the Old Guard Got Most Of The Airtime
  • Nathaniel: Headliner-Less Tuesday At DNC Likely To Get Record-Low Ratings
The other point was about how the night was supposed to showcase up-and-coming stars in the party but ended up focusing on the old guard. Let's see if that continues to be a theme tonight and tomorrow.

Before I go, I am pointing out that last night's host Tracee Ellis Ross is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at this year's Emmy Awards. Once again, the Democrats get top talent to host their convention. I'll be sure to remind my readers of her hosting duties at the Democratic Convention when I get to the comedy nominations at the Emmy Awards. Stay tuned.

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