Thursday, August 27, 2020

Colbert didn't watch the convention last night, but FiveThirtyEight did so you wouldn't have to

 After two days of Stephen Colbert and FiveThirtyEight recapping the Republican National Convention, my readers are still with me, so I'm continuing my alternating silly and serious coverage of the event. I begin, as I have the past two days, with Stephen Colbert: I Didn't Watch The RNC Tonight, And I Feel Great About It.

At a time when the NBA is showing more leadership than the RNC, our host found it pointless to watch Republicans spend Night 3 of their convention talking about everything but what's really going on in America, where 180,000 people have been lost to a pandemic and heavily-armed Rambo wannabes murder people in the streets.
Colbert noted the irrelevance of last night's proceedings in the face of the climate-fueled weather disaster of Hurricane Laura making landfall near the Texas-Louisiana state line, COVID-19 pandemic, and renewed protests of police violence, so he focused on those instead. FiveThirtyEight noted the disconnect as well in RNC Night 3: Pence Makes A Law And Order Appeal. They did watch the convention so you and I wouldn't have to.

The crew reacts to the third night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.
Other than Pence's speech, very little of the convention last night had anything to say about current events. Many of the contributors to FiveThirtyEight's live blog, What Went Down On Night 3 Of The RNC, highlighted that as well.
  • Meena: A Virtual Political Convention With Little Awareness Of The Unrests Of 2020
  • Emily: Third Night Of The RNC Held In A Different Kind Of Bubble
  • Nathaniel: Protests Turn Deadly In Kenosha As NBA Stops Play In Protest And Hurricane Barrels Toward Gulf Coast // Oh, and there was some convention?
  • Seth: A Variety Of Republican Messages But Few Mentions Of Hurricanes, Shootings, Riots
  • Kaleigh: RNC Suspends Its Disbelief To Focus On Traditional GOP Issues
  • Dan: Republican’s Standard Convention Night Sounds Dissonant Notes At Troubled Time
  • Meredith: Pence Pitches to “Make America Great Again, Again.”
  • Galen: The Pence 2024 Presidential Campaign (Unofficially) Kicks Off
  • Geoffrey: Republicans Make The Case To Women That They Should Vote For Trump
  • Amelia: Republicans Make a Pro-Woman Pitch On An Otherwise Snoozy Third Night Of The RNC
One of the few events that FiveThirtyEight's live-bloggers mentioned besides the storm and protests was Mike Pence's speech. That was the focus of Tooning Out The News in RNC Night 3: Pence's stirring defense of magic miracle cure.

The Tooning Out Election 2020 panel welcomes actor and conservative commentator Dean Cain to discuss RNC night three speeches by Mike Pence, Lara Trump, and Kellyanne Conway.
At least someone associated with Colbert's show was watching the convention last night, again so my readers and I wouldn't have to.

Stay tuned for one more night of convention coverage, that is, if people still want to watch and read it. That's up to you.

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