Friday, August 28, 2020

Colbert and FiveThirtyEight both remark on Trump's closing convention speech to an unmasked crowd on the White House lawn during a pandemic

It's time to mail in my coverage of the Republican National Convention one last time while still a Post Office. As I have the past three nights, I begin with Stephen Colbert, whose live monologue was After Four Nights Of Nonsense At The RNC, We're Getting Off This Emotional Roller Coaster.

Stephen Colbert wraps up two weeks of LIVE episodes with a roundup of the highest lowlights from an anger-filled RNC, which culminated with an epically boring speech from President Trump to a crowd of 1500 maskless souls on the White House lawn.
Trump gave a boring speech? Man bites dog! Actually, I thought he did a good job, considering he was reading from a Teleprompter instead of serving up one of his impromptu insult comic standup routines. His delivery had more life than usual when giving a prepared speech. That's not saying much, but it is saying something. As for the speech itself, it was repetitive and long, something the panelists from FiveThirtyEight have more to say about over the jump.

I also found Colbert's before and after pictures of Barack Obama, Trump, and himself enlightening. Both Obama and Colbert aged visibly between their two photos, while Trump doesn't seem to have aged more than a man of his years would have in four years. While "I don't care, do you?" may be bad for the country, it seems to be serving Trump's appearance well.

Tooning Out The News showed even more of Trump and his daughter's speeches in RNC Night 4: Trump promises to save America from Trump's America.

The Tooning Out Election 2020 panel welcomes former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci to night four of the RNC for expert analysis on speeches from President Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Rudy Giuliani.
The toons came right out and called the speech a superspreader event, which Colbert himself and the FiveThirtyEight panelists didn't, although they certainly called out how unsafe having more than a thousand mostly unmasked audience members sitting in close quarters was. They also pointed out how the Trump and the Republicans are still campaigning on how great the economy was until the pandemic hit and blamed it on China. At least xenophobia is still Trump's brand.

Follow over the jump for a serious examination of last night from FiveThirtyEight.

Nate Silver, Clare Malone, and Micah Cohen rejoined Galen Druke for RNC Night 4: How Trump Used His 5,680 Words l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast.

The crew reacts to the fourth and final night of the 2020 Republican National Convention.
My comment at the video was "Clare's back and so is the cold open. That's not a coincidence." Welcome back, Clare! I missed you.

On a more serious note, all the panelists complained about how long, repetitious, and unfocused the speech was. That's on the writer or writers, but perhaps that's why Trump delivered it as well as I've seen him give a prepared address. They also noted how unethical, if not outright illegal, using the White House as a campaign setting was. Unfortunately, they also opined — again — that most voters probably won't care. Sigh.

Speaking of repetitious, the rest of the live-bloggers for FiveThirtyEight's What Went Down During President Trump’s Closing Speech At The RNC hit on the same themes, the long, boring speech, the unsafe conditions of the crowd, and the fireworks, which came off as tacky.
  • Dan: Trump Gives Conventional Speech At Unconventional Moment
  • Julia: Trump Eliminates The Border Between The White House And The Republican National Convention
  • Seth: Trump Uses White House Lawn And Dense Maskless Crowd To Deliver Standard Stump Speech
  • Kaleigh: Trump Gives Nomination Speech From The White House Lawn
  • Amelia: Trump Gives Lengthy Convention Speech In Front of Mostly Maskless Crowd
  • Galen: Trump Didn’t Make News With His Speech, So The Takeaway Is That He Held A Nearly 2,000-Person Event On The White House Lawn During A Pandemic. (Is That Too Long? So Was The Speech)
  • Geoffrey: The GOP Convention Ends With A Bang Full Of Fireworks After A Fairly Tame Speech By President Trump
  • Emily: RNC Closes Out With Fireworks, But Not Much Else
  • Micah: You’ll Forget About Both Conventions Within A Week
  • Meena: Is It Still 2020? (*Somehow, The Answer Is Yes.)
That's it for the conventions. Thank you to all my readers for coming to my blog this week. Stay tuned for a return to regular programming, whatever that is, during the rest of this month.

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