Tuesday, November 10, 2020

'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' examines the 2020 election results

After yesterday's pandemic update, I couldn't resist revisiting the election. Of course, it took "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" to get me to do so. Watch Election Results 2020.

John Oliver discusses the long week of US presidential election results, including Donald Trump’s various attempts to make the election appear illegitimate, and a historic win for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Oliver did a better job of conveying the celebration the streets of America than the audience reactions in 'SNL' gives its satirical take on the election results, but he also reminded us that Trump is trying to cast doubt on the election results. He and his supporters could do worse, as I warned in Joe Biden is the apparent President-elect as Pennsylvania and Nevada called for him.
The real election is the Electoral College, which votes on December 14, 2020. That's followed by a joint session of the new Congress on January 6, 2021. Biden's and Harris's legal team will have to keep an eye on that to make sure there are no attempts to send a slate of electors who do not reflect their state's popular vote or defections by faithless electors. The good news is that competing slates of electors have not made a difference since the 1876 election and faithless electors haven't made a difference since 1836 and that was for Vice President, not President. Still, people are trying. When John Oliver told his viewers to expect an election month not just an election night, he was not kidding.
Enjoy the moment, as Oliver seemed to be doing, but remain alert for attempts to hijack the process.

That's it for today's comedic take on the election. Stay tuned for a musical Veterans Day.

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