Thursday, November 26, 2020

Samantha Bee wishes her viewers 'A Very COVID Thanksgiving'

Happy American Thanksgiving!* Like everything else during 2020, the holiday has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Samantha Bee's show last week reflected that reality by wishing her viewers A Very COVID Thanksgiving.

As Thanksgiving approaches, coronavirus cases across America are skyrocketing–because pandemics don't take holidays off! In order to keep our families safe, it’s time to start thinking about giving them the gift of “staying home” this holiday season. This is pt. 1 of 2.
While Part 1 looks back at the news I covered in 11 million COVID-19 diagnoses in U.S., another vaccine announcement, and Michigan 'pauses' to slow the pandemic, second update for November 2020, Part 2 looks ahead, so it's more timely and more optimistic.

My comment on the vaccine news is the same as it was for the past two pandemic updates, "I see a second light down the tunnel that isn't an oncoming train. Unfortunately, the first light definitely is a locomotive bearing down on us. We have to do our best to dodge it until the vaccines become available in the spring."

For an encore, I present Quarantine Questions: Thanksgiving Edition!

The holidays are upon us and correspondent Allana Harkin wants to make sure that the only thing you’ll be giving your family this year is thanks, not COVID.
Thank you, Sam and Allana! Happy Thanksgiving to you and stay safe!

*I make the distinction because I also celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Besides, Bee is originally Canadian, so I think it's appropriate. Speaking of which, the cartoon is from the Toronto Star.  More Canadian content!

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