Saturday, November 14, 2020

World Diabetes Day 2020 emphasizes the role of nurses

Today is World Diabetes Day, a day that came to my attention after I came down with Type I diabetes three years ago. Since then, it has become a condition that has organized my life, as I wrote in Diabetes and the dollar menu from 'Food, Inc.' for Food Day.
People say misery loves company, but I would rather not have more people share my condition, even if I'm a Type I diabetic, not a Type II. It takes work and discipline to stay alive and healthy to say nothing about money and good insurance. I'm glad I have all of these and I know not everyone does...
That is just as true now as when I wrote it last year.

Now for today's featured videos, all of which come from the World Diabetes Day account. I begin with World Diabetes Day 2020 - "Diabetes Matters" promotional video

The International Diabetes Federation is collaborating with ITN Productions Industry News on a news-style programme - "Diabetes Matters” - to raise the profile of diabetes and unite voices in diabetes awareness for World Diabetes Day 2020 and beyond.

The programme will cover key topics including the latest transformative technologies and treatments; advances in research, diagnosis and care; the importance of prevention of type 2 diabetes and self-management; the impact of diet and lifestyle, and the implications of COVID-19 on the clinically vulnerable.

"Diabetes Matters" will launch on 14 November 2020.
The observation that nurses are the most important health professionals in the treatment of diabetes is the foundation of the next three videos the World Diabetes Day account uploaded to its YouTube channel. Follow over the jump to watch them.

The first video is Diabetes: nurses make the difference.

As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise across the world, the role of nurses and other health professional support staff is becoming increasingly important in managing the impact of the condition.

There remains a significant need for more education and funding to equip nurses around the world with the skills to support people living with diabetes and those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

For World Diabetes Day 2020, the International Diabetes Federation is requesting national governments to recognise and advance the role of nurses in diabetes care.
The next video uploaded is Nurses: make the difference for diabetes.

As a highly valued member of the community, nurses do outstanding work to support people living with a wide range of health concerns. People who either live with diabetes or are at risk of developing the condition need their support too.

For World Diabetes Day 2020, the International Diabetes Federation is facilitating opportunities for nurses and other health professionals to learn more about the condition and receive training so that they can make a difference for people with diabetes.
The third and final video in the series is It's time to prioritise nurses in the fight against diabetes, which has the same description as the first, so I'm not duplicating it.

That's it for today's special day. Stay tuned for America Recycles Day tomorrow.

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