Monday, May 17, 2021

The Daily Show and CNN examine the Arizona audit

While I've been busy chronicling the saga of Elise Stefanik replacing Liz Cheney as conference chair, I've been ignoring the other story Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers covered in their monologues last week, the audit of Maricopa County's ballots that I mocked as being motivated by a racist conspiracy theory. The Daily Show pursued that angle and more in Arizona’s Vote Recount - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse.

Arizona still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that Donald Trump lost the state election, so they’re recounting the votes for a third time. Jordan Klepper investigates.
I'm glad that Jordan Klepper interviewed Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and allowed her to get her point across that the Cyber Ninjas are partisan and unprofessional in between the jokes. To be fair, the two spokesmen for the audit admitted that the bamboo and watermark conspiracy theories are outlandish and need to be debunked. As for the first person interviewed, the supposed threats from BLM and Antifa show that the conspiracy theories aren't just anti-Asian or even purely racist.

Even the serious news people thought this was both ridiculous and alarming. Watch See what CNN reporter spotted at bizarre election ‘audit’.

CNN's Kyung Lah and crew gain access into the Republican election audit of the 2020 ballots from Arizona's largest county.
In its own way, CNN treated this even more scathingly than The Daily Show, calling it part of The Big Lie and a continuation of the January 6 insurrection as Stacey Abrams pointed out. I think she's right, as are all the critics of the audit CNN's Kyung Lah interviewed.  That's not good news.

The recount could take weeks more to complete. When that happens, I promise to cover it, so stay tuned.

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