Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Michigan woman warms others by donating clothing for World Kindness Day

HappyWorld Kindness Day!  For this year's example of "let[ting] your compassion shine brightly" and "showing as much kindness as possible," I turn to 13 On Your Side in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which uploaded Local woman warming more than hearts on World Kindness Day this morning.

Wednesday is World Kindness Day and one Grand Rapids woman is doing more than just warming hearts -- she is warming those in need with free coats and clothing. 13 ON YOUR SIDE's Angela Cunningham shares her story.
Considering that Detroit and Flint set new records for snowfall yesterday and record cold temperatures are forecast for today and tonight, this is an impressively practical kind act.

For the rest of us, 12 News Now in Southwest Texas has ten tips for Celebrating World Kindness Day.

Help make the world a kinder place with these top 10 tips!
I know I can follow at least one of these today.  How about you, dear reader?

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