Thursday, August 25, 2022

Hurricane Andrew 30 years later

Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew making landfall in Florida. I begin my observance of the event with the Today Show's Hurricane Andrew, 30 Years Later: NBC's Kerry Sanders Looks Back.

As the peak of hurricane season nears, NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY on the 30-year anniversary of Hurricane Andrew. Survivors of the storm reflect on catastrophe that destroyed 65,000 homes and left 175,000 homeless.
NBC2 News in Fort Myers, Florida mentioned the improvements in forecasting as part of its retrospective, Looking back at 30 years since Hurricane Andrew.

In the absence of a video description, I'm poiting out one of the lasting effects of the storm that these videos ignored: "Hurricane Andrew continues to have effects today, including invasive Burmese Pythons. I have a video that I show my students about them that I plan on posting here." I shared that in CBS News on hunting Pythons in Florida. I still show that to my students.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay took a more personal perspective in Hurricane Andrew 30 years later: South Florida woman recounts story of survival.

Hurricane Andrews hit South Florida 30 years ago and changed everything from building codes to evacuation plans to insurance.
I have my own personal story about Hurricane Andrew, once removed, which I recounted five years ago.*
My wife and daughter survived Hurricane Andrew, although they weren't at any serious risk. They were at Typhoon Lagoon, ironically enough, at Walt Disney World in Orlando. They had to leave the water park, as the outer bands spawned severe thunderstorms. My wife was more worried about her flight home. Lucky for her and my daughter, they was able to fly out with no problem.
I wish all the survivors had such happy endings. They didn't. That leads me to ask, "are you scared enough by climate change?"

*Speaking of my wife, she remarked last night that she hadn't heard anything about hurricanes this year. I told her that's because we haven't had any Atlantic hurricanes so far. I don't know if we will continue to be so lucky.

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