Thursday, August 4, 2022

Kansas votes to uphold abortion rights as seen by Colbert, Meyers, and Noah

I posted a serious examination of Michigan's primary election in No good deed goes unpunished as Meijer loses primary to Gibbs in Michigan yesterday, so today I'm sharing comedic examinations of the rest of Tuesday's primary elections beginning with Stephen Colbert's monologue Kansas Votes To Preserve Abortion Rights | Processed Foods Are Killing Our Brains.

Kansas voters upheld abortion rights by 59% to 41% in yesterday's election, and scientists have really bad news about some of our favorite foods.
I agree with Stephen; Kari Lake sounds incoherent. No wonder The Former Guy endorsed her. For what it's worth, NBC News currently characterizes the contest for the Republican nominee for Arizona Governor as "too close to call" with Lake leading. Go Katie Hobbs, who is the Democratic nominee for Arizona Governor.

Of course, the headline election story is Kansas rejecting a proposed amendment removing the right to an abortion from the Kansas constitution. Seth Meyers had more to say about that and other primary election news in Kansas Voters Back Abortion Rights; Trump Endorses "Eric" in Missouri: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at voters in Kansas overwhelmingly rejecting a state ballot measure that would have restricted abortion access and Trump endorsing multiple dudes named "Eric" in the same Missouri Senate race.
The GOP dirty tricks both Seth and Stephen described didn't work and a good thing, too. Here's to the measure protecting abortion passing in Michigan this November. Also, I knew there had to be an Eric Trump joke in there, and there was, even if I had to wait until the very end to hear it.

BTW, welcome back from quarantine for Seth and congratulations on his shows' three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Variety Talk Series, Outstanding Short Form Comedy, Drama or Variety Series, and Outstanding Directing for a Variety Series. To celebrate, I'm sharing the Twitter images promoting the show nominations.

Good luck, although I think John Oliver, James Corden, and "Saturday Night Live" will win these categories instead.

I close with Trevor Noah's take on the election results and other news, Kansas Votes Pro-Choice, Alex Jones Caught in Lie & Beyoncé Tweaks Album Again | The Daily Show.

Kansas votes to uphold the right to have an abortion, Alex Jones' attorney accidentally gives his texts to the prosecutor, Beyoncé tweaks her album again, Brad Pitt wears a skirt to his latest movie premiere, and Airbnb will no longer rent out slave quarters.
Last night's results reinforce what I first wrote in Colbert and Meyers take closer looks at replacing Liz Cheney and Arizona audit and repeated yesterday, "'this fight is not over conventional ideas of left and right. Instead, it is about loyalty to Trump, which is odd considering that major American political parties generally move away from losing presidential candidates. Not now — the GOP is sticking closer to Trump than ever.' That has become even more true since then." Worse yet, if TFG's endorse nominees win, a lot of them will be in charge of certifying elections. Who needs an armed insurrection when the coup will happen through legal means?

Speaking of legal means, LOL, Alex Jones. I might have more to say about his trial later. Stay tuned.

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