Thursday, August 11, 2022

Colbert having fun with Biden and Trump for National Presidential Joke Day

Happy National Presidential Joke Day! Let's recognize some of "the humor often found and yet not so appreciated in the highest office in the land."  Both the current and former President were the subjects of Tuesday's monologue, Librarians Come For The Former President | Joe "Dark Brandon" Biden Is More Powerful Than Ever.

The FBI's raid of the former president's home is apparently part of an ongoing investigation by the National Archives and Records Administration. Meanwhile, the current president's recent accomplishments are being celebrated online with "Dark Brandon" memes.
When Stephen said the librarians came for TFG, I couldn't help but think of these guys.

Now, that would be an interesting episode, except that I doubt there's anything paranormal in the documents seized by the FBI.

Stephen's writers did the next best thing by making a "National Treasure" joke in last night's monologue, "Civil War" Trended On Twitter After Mar-A-Lago Raid | IHOP And Applebee's Attract Wealthy Customers.

Right wing media personalities and their fans are taking the raid of T****'s home pretty hard, while the spike in food prices is prompting the well-to-do to flock to lower priced chains like IHOP and Applebee's.
Again, Stephen delivered more bad news for the former guy and even some good news on inflation for President Biden.

Follow over the jump for this week's cold opens, which expanded on the themes for this week's presidential jokes.

Monday's and Tuesday's cold opens reflected how Stephen and his writers characterized both President Biden and The Former Guy in the first monologue. Tuesday's cold open asked When It Comes To The Former President: Which Crime Is It?

It's fun for the whole family and you can play along at home too!
As I wrote during the first year of this blog, "The most damaging scandals I've seen over the past 40 years have all happened when a politician confirmed an already existing and widely known negative narrative about them while people were looking for evidence of it." The problem with TFG is that he has so many "existing and widely known negative narrative[s]" about him and so much evidence that it's hard to get any one of them to stand out above the others. Let's see if mishandling government documents is the one that sticks.

Monday's cold open was much more positive about the current President: President Biden Had Some Interesting Symptoms During His Bout With Covid.

If this is what the new strain is like, it's going to be a wild end to the summer.
I wish we could all be so productive while suffering from COVID-19. Most of us just get sick!

That's it for today's jokes about presidents. Stay tuned for a driving update.

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