Monday, August 15, 2022

'Last Week Tonight' examines monkeypox

Change of plans, again. Instead of writing about entertainment today, I'm returning to monkeypox. Watch Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO).

John Oliver discusses the recent monkeypox outbreak in the U.S., how we’ve fumbled our response to it, and some aspirations for this coming autumn.
I've been alternating between serious and silly posts about monkeypox, so it was about time I examined the disease through comedy. On another note, I wrote "Here's to hoping that Oliver gets along with Discovery better than he did with AT&T!" at the end of April's John Oliver on data brokers and OAN. That's not looking good, as it only took him four months to begin criticizing the new ownership and management.

I'm going to postpone writing about one of Emmy nominations, Saturn Awards nominations, or the Gold Derby TV Awards winners until Wednesday at the earliest. Instead, stay tuned for a celebration of Roller Coaster Day and Rum Day tomorrow. Whee!

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