Monday, October 2, 2023

'How to Survive a Pandemic' upsets 'Good Night Oppy' to win Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary

I was very confident that Good Night Oppy would win Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary and had a good shot at Best Documentary, especially after Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain was removed from contention. It won neither category, being bested by How to Survive a Pandemic for the former and The Janes for the latter. The former surprised me; the latter did not, as I wrote "The Janes is Good Night Oppy's stiffest competition for Best Documentary at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards." Good Night Oppy did win two of the six categories in which it was nominated, Outstanding Sound and Outstanding Writing: Documentary. I'll get to those over the jump. Right now, I'm going to be a good sport and congratulate How to Survive a Pandemic.

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Just to remind my readers, I'm recycling How to Survive a Pandemic | Official Trailer | HBO.

Two years after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, How to Survive a Pandemic takes viewers behind the scenes of the race to make a vaccine.
The effort to end the pandemic is certainly worthy of a nomination and also a video I'll recommend to my biology students.
Especially now that it's won. Congratulations!

Follow over the jump for Good Night Oppy's Emmy Awards.

Recycling from R.I.P. Sinéad O'Connor, who died one day before 'Nothing Compares' earned two News & Documentary Emmy Awards nominations.
Outstanding Writing: Documentary
FRONTLINE Lies, Politics and Democracy PBS
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
Hostages HBO Max
Nothing Compares Showtime
POV Not Going Quietly PBS
My preliminary pick...[is] "Good Night Oppy" for Outstanding Writing: Documentary.
I think this was a lucky pick, but sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.

Now to recycle from 'Good Night Oppy' has six nominations at the News & Documentary Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary and Best Documentary.
Outstanding Sound
A Trip to Infinity Netflix
Good Night Oppy Amazon Prime
Great Performances Now Hear This PBS
Nuisance Bear The New Yorker
Our Universe Netflix
Retrograde National Geographic
Super/Natural National Geographic
As I have written before, I think that music nominees have the best chances, all things being equal, so that gives the advantage to Great Performances.
This is a case where I'm glad to be wrong. Congratulations to the team for Good Night Oppy! I'll have to wait until MLK Day to find out if Angela Bassett beats Barack Obama and a field of Hollywood all-stars to win another Emmy for Outstanding Narrator to add a third to Good Night Oppy's haul. That's a long time to stay tuned!

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