Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm hosting a BlogTalkRadio program on Detroit tonight

Annabel Park and Eric Byler posted Arrival in Detroit: Wrong Turn Discovery on the Story of America YouTube channel.  As you can tell, they'd never driven down the streets of Detroit before.

We are continuing to film in Detroit and are learning the history of the city. Beyond the rise and the fall of the manufacturing industry here, we are investigating the impact of segregation, the Civil Rights movement, and the riots of 1967. Stay tuned!
That led to the subject of tonight's show.

From Detroit: The Middle Ground w/ Annabel guest appearance
Michael Charney is off tonight, and I (Eric Byler) am filming on location in Detroit with Annabel Park. Annabel and I will try to complete filming in time to start the show on time at 8 pm.  If we are able to get on the air, we'll introduce you to some of our new friends.

In the video linked to above, I ask the question, "Why are so many of these houses burned down?"  That was filmed a few days ago and we are learning some of the answers.  If all goes well, we'll share some of them with you tonight on The Middle Ground.


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I'm guest hosting from my home phone, running the virtual studio dashboard, while Eric, Annabel, and whoever else wants to talk calls in.  Hope to hear from you!

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