Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Narb suggests another act of musical defiance

In response to yesterday's musical response to terror, Narb dropped by to offer the following suggestion.
Lovely. Very Tchaikovsky-esque and uplifting.

However, Narb is less subtle entity than Mr. Torke (which rhymes with Borkborkbork), and prefers his Corps-style music to be more of the in-your-homely-face variety.

To this end, Narb suggests this short, brassy, Olympic-themed piece. Narb played this last year, and it was a pleasure to watch the ceremonial beheading of the trumpet section at the conclusion of the piece.
I responded positively.
Oh, nice choice. I like. Too bad only one corps (Spokane Thunder) has ever played that, and they didn't even go to DCI championships that year (2005).
I found a video of that piece that I thought had better sound and graphics.  Here it is.

Olympiada was written in 1996 (rescored in 2002) to capture the human conditions of intense glory and pain that only the Olympic Games can inspire, while musically tying themes with a historic Greek feel to modern harmonies and melodies. Openig with an Olympic-style brass fanfare to set the tone, this impressive work quickly breaks into a variety of themes and settings representing athletic struggle before recapitulating the fanfare at the end.


  1. Narb likes this version better! The percussionists actually take the written crescendos seriously. :-)

    1. I'm glad you approve. I hadn't noticed the musicianship of the percussion before, but now that you mention it, they're better, too.