Sunday, April 21, 2013

Discovery News on last week's terror attacks

I posted two musical responses to the bombing of the Boston Marathon.  Now it's time for an examination of some of the relevant science involved in detecting bombs, along with the science of ricin, which was sent to elected officials ranging from President Obama down to a local judge by a disturbed Elvis impersonator, courtesy of Discovery News on YouTube.

First, here's Boston Bombings: High Tech Bomb Spotters.

The bombings at the Boston Marathon brought home the challenge law enforcement faces battling smaller and smaller explosives. Trace looks at the detection methods used today, and how new technology will help make us safer in the future.
Now, time for Ricin Letters: What's So Dangerous?

With a suspect under arrest for the poisoned letters sent to Obama, Anthony asks, what is ricin and what makes it so deadly?
That's it for now.  I'll return to the topic should I find more science, science fiction, or collapse-related angles to the story.

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