Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ted Nugent shoots mouth off about Pure Michigan ads

Ted Nugent, stochastic terrorist and scary musical clown from Detroit managed to get into the news again today by ripping the Pure Michigan ad campaign.
Michigan-born rocker Ted Nugent struck a nerve today when he savaged the popular Pure Michigan tourism campaign and criticized Holland’s Tulip Time Festival in a radio interview.

Nugent said during a telephone interview on the Lansing-based syndicated program “Michigan’s Big Show starring Michael Patrick Shiels” that liberalism and political correctness prevent Pure Michigan officials from highlighting in its ads what he said are the state’s biggest draws — hunting and fishing.

“How dare the Pure Michigan campaign not mention any of that because some Hash Bash hippie in charge of Michigan’s promotional campaigns is afraid to put a dead salmon, or a dead grouse, or a dead deer on the tourist brochure; but will put paragliding and tulip festivals on that brochure when no one is going to come to Michigan to go hang gliding or to go to the tulip festival?” Nugent asked.
In addition to there being no "Hash Bash hippies" running the Pure Michigan campaign, Nugent is wrong about there being no videos about hunting and fishing.
“We certainly have a hunting and fishing effort,” [spokeswoman Michelle Begnoche] said.

The agency launched a digital ad campaign focused on hunting and fishing last fall and has a TV ad focused on fishing that is part of its national campaign, Begnoche said.
She's not kidding.  I found six videos with fishing in their titles on Pure Michigan's YouTube channel, six more that mention fishing in their descriptions, and one that mentions both hunting and fishing.  That's way too many to embed.  Instead, I'll just post the one that Old Motormouth should have seen just sitting in his living room and watching TV this month.

Gone Fishing in Michigan | Pure Michigan
Published on Apr 6, 2012

When heading off to do something we love, "Gone Fishing" means many things - biking, golfing, boating and more.
That may have been too subtle for Motormouth's taste.  Instead, he may have had something more like this John Kerfoot parody that was posted today.

Pure Michigan: Hunting

spoof of the Pure Michigan ads, by John Kerfoot, highlighting Hunting
Well, except for its pointing out what a coward and clown Nugent is.

Hat/tip to Eric B. at Michigan Liberal for pointing me to this story.

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  1. My Dad's band opened for Ted Nugent once. I used to be proud of that --- my Dad shared a stage with somebody famous! --- but now I am ashamed.

    Also, "corn pone fascists" is a terrific category tag.

    1. "My dad shared a stage with someone famous!"

      So did I. I was in a marching band that paraded around the stage at Anaheim Stadium at the finale of Alice Cooper's show playing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in 1977. Honestly, your dad had the better gig, as his band's name was on the marquee.

      As for being ashamed, hey, I doubt anyone knew what a dick Nugent would become back then.

      Finally, thank you. I modified it from James Howard Kunstler, who came up with "Corn Pone Nazis." These people aren't Nazis, but they are fascists.

    2. I turned these two comments into Alice Cooper for Friday the 13th. I gave it an honorable mention in Monthly meta for April 2015: record page views plus goals, top posts, and Nablopomo for May 2015, where I wrote the following: "Honorable mention number four goes to 'Alice Cooper for Friday the 13th.' It appeared on the leader board for a couple days before April 13th with 95 page views, 136 according to the raw counter. I performed a little more than routine social media promotion for it back on Friday March 13th, as I shared it to a Facebook group that had a special interest in the concert described, as they were performers in it. The rest came from web search."