Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Gasoline headed back to this year's lows

I usually close my gas price reports with a prediction.  I opened Gas prices down after Thanksgiving plus DNews gives conservation tips with one instead.
I concluded The corner station resumes the limbo with a prediction: "I expect lower prices after the Thanksgiving weekend."  That happened.  Today was the first day I ventured off the property since Wednesday.  I walked to the corner to pick up some pizza to break the three days of turkey and saw that the corner station had lowered its price for regular to $3.15.  $3.04 it isn't, but there are just over two weeks left for prices to get there again.

Prices might drop to that level, too, as GasBuddy lists the national average as $3.25, down from last week's high of $3.27, while both the Michigan and Detroit averages having been falling since the 23rd.  The state mean is down to $3.21 from a peak of $3.33, while the metro average has now reached $3.18 from a high of $3.26.  $3.09 is not out of the question.
Yesterday, that happened.  The three stations down the street all dropped their price for regular to $3.09 in the morning.  By late afternoon, the corner station dropped down to $3.10.  I'm sure it will match the rest of the neighborhood stations today or tomorrow. 

As for where it will go next, GasBuddy shows all averages dropping.  The national average is now at $3.24, the Michigan average is down to $3.15, and the Detroit average is between $3.13 and $3.14.  The previous record low of $3.04 is now back within reach.

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