Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nablopomo for December: MORE/LESS

A new theme for a new month:

After the frantic pace of November's NaBloPoMo, December's NaBloPoMo tends to be a quieter affair for hardcore daily bloggers, honing their writing skills.  Are you up for the challenge?

This month, we're looking at the two extremes of more or less.  What we want more of in 2014, and which habits we'd rather not bring into the next year.  We're thinking about how we can do more with less, and how we can lessen our stress levels, especially for those jumping into another series of holidays.

This theme will help you set priorities.  Sometimes we need to write it all down in order to realize which tasks are the most important, and which tasks can fade away.
That's what is at the website.  What does the email say?
December is the perfect time to reflect on what you loved about this past year, and what you'd rather not bring into 2014.  Our theme, More/Less, will help you to decide on this year's New Year's resolutions.  What do you want to do more of in this upcoming year?  Exercise?  Spend time with friends?  Complete projects?  And what do you want to do less of in 2014?  This is the perfect time to look at habits and see which ones would be best shed.

We know that NaBloPoMo runs straight through that busy time period from Christmas to New Years.  Be easy on yourself and keep it simple.  Feel free to do photo posts, or tell us your favourite family recipe.  And yes, it's okay to schedule a post in advance.  We're still giving you all the prompts at the beginning of the month so you can plan ahead.
Normally, this would be the kind of theme I'd explore on my LiveJournal, except that I've pretty much given up on that platform over the past year and I've allowed more of my personal issues to appear on this blog.   It's still about sustainability with a science fiction slant, but it's also about my role as a virtual tour guide to shared journey into the future.  I find that simultaneously exciting and frightening.  I don't know if expressing those emotions will make my writing more or less interesting.  I suspect more.
So think about what you want more or less of in your life, and sign up for December's NaBloPoMo.
I just did.

ETA: When I posted this to my Facebook, I noted More/Less is "A theme I could make work for a blog about the effects of more people having to do with less."  Perfect.

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