Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from NASA and Crazy Eddie’s Motie News!

Season's Greetings from NASA Television 2013

The theme of this year's holiday greeting is "Children's Imagination".

Inspired by Brian Basset's Red and Rover comic strip, this year's NASA Season's Greeting takes us into the imagination of a ten-year-old who loves all things NASA.

When you are home on a snowy day, with your trusty canine companion, and only the contents of your yard, shed, and garage - how can you build all your favorite NASA stuff?

Look carefully, in this piece you will find a beach ball, shutters, shoe box, trashcans, plastic food containers, round snow sled, welding gloves, water cooler bottles, paint can, fishing pole, tuna cans, holiday ribbon, rocks, sports drink bottle, soup can, pet's water dish, barrel, ruler, 2x4, storm windows, ladder, shovel, lattice fencing, recycle bin, and a wagon.
Once again, Merry Christmas!

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